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あいさつ / Greetings! (sticky)

honjitsu wa youkoso suteki na takarazuka ni okushikudasaimashita.
Today, welcome to Suteki na Takarazuka.

Those are the words one might hear, were this like an actual Takarazuka production. Ah, if only this really was the land of sumire and sparkle...

We’d like to thank you for your patience as we put the finishing touches on our first batch of translations and get this community up and running. Currently we are working on lyrics to the theme songs from various shows from 2008, as well as an interview with the cast of 'Prague Spring/Lucky Star Revue'. We also hope to compile a list of our materials, so that you can have an idea about other translations that will soon be in the works.

However, we must warn that neither of us are native speakers, just college students with a passion for Japanese and in particular Takarazuka. Despite the many difficulties of translating from a foreign language, we are devoted the posting the most accurate translations to our combined abilities. Please forgive us for the wait while we finalize our edits for our first batch of translations.

We hope that you continue to watch this community, despite our current lack of translations, and look to us in the future to provide English translations of our beloved Takarazuka-related materials!


Yours truly,
Maureen and Jessica

Takarazuka Graph Magazine, September, 2010

Aihara Mika Sayonara Special
GRAPH Sayonara Talk
Aihara Mika x Mizu NatsukiCollapse )

"Towa ni"

"Towa ni", performed by Ayabuki Mao
Lyrics by Yasuoka Yutaka, Music by Senoo Takeshi

Into EternityCollapse )

I've been fiddling with this translation forever so I thought it might be time to just post it. As is always the case with translations and *especially* the case with songs, I had to make decisions about meaning that not everyone may agree with. Particularly with the line 'When I can embrace...' which could also be translated as 'If I could embrace...'.
Anyway, enjoy!
008 That time
(Asa and Osako era)
Read more...Collapse )

I translated this almost a year ago. Maureen was kind enough to edit it for me back then, but then I completely forgot about it. Sorry guys!
Miroirs: The Mirror's Endless Dreams, Part II (Yukigumi, 2008)
Music: Nishimura Kouji, Kuratomi Shinichi, Kai Masato, Nakao Tarou
Author: Nakamura Satoru

Part II: The Heart-Dance MirrorCollapse )


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