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Takarazuka GRAPH :Talk DX- "I Love You- je t'aime/Miroirs"

Takarazuka GRAPH #731 April, 2008

Mizu: For this show, we had various promotional activities before opening day, right?
Ayabuki: Yes, we filmed advertising VTR and the like for things like CS Broadcasting (Takarazuka Sky Stage) and things that could be watched on the Takarazuka Musical Theatre homepage.
Otozuki: Yup!
Mizu: Trying something new was interesting, wasn’t it? Altogether there were over 20 patterns I think? I am happy that the fans seemed to enjoy them. I received many letters asking me “Was staring straight into the camera and saying ‘I love you’ {1} embarrassing?” actually I was unexpectedly calm about it (Laugh).
Everyone: (Laughs)
Otozuki: We filmed one for a restaurant inside the theatre that was having a sale on ‘George’s Pot-au-Feu’ in connection with the pot-au-feu {2} that appears in “I Love You- Je t’aime”. We had one version where everyone ate while still in their character makeup, right?
Mizu: We did, we did. We didn’t end up using it in the end, but we really did film one where we were eating pot-au-feu. That time, Teru (Ouki) and I…
Ouki: The onions, right? (Laughs)
Mizu: Right right (Laughs). Actually, while we were filming that, everyone else was just having soup, but since Teru and I were eating onions, before we did it a second time we received seconds, right? (Laughs)
Ouki: Yes. That was lucky! (Laughs)
Mizu: Speaking of pot-au-feu, while we were doing the camera rehearsal for that, Argan (Ayabuki) was holding his spoon with his little finger up. (Laughs)
Ayabuki: Hey!! (Laughs)
Otozuki: Could you right that in boldface type please? (Laughs)
Ayabuki: No!! (Laughs)
Everyone: (Laughs)

Ayabuki: During the play, when the Circus people are singing ‘The Circus Spirit’, George (Mizu), Filante (Otozuki) and Alceste (Ouki) are always talking over on the stage right hanamichi {3}, right? What in the world are you talking about?
Mizu: How should I say…Right, for example, I give the other two a 3-guess quiz about Aragan? (laughs)
Otozuki, Ouki: Right! (laugh)
Ayabuki: What?!
Mizu: Well, since the two of them don’t know anything about Argan, I’ll ask “Now, who is Argan? 1. Marquise (Shirahane)’s former lover 2. An English teacher 3…” (Laughs).
Otozuki: We’ve also talked animatedly about the showy vest that Argan-san is wearing, you know (Laughs).
Ouki: Like, “Wow, that’s pretty amazing isn’t it” (Laughs).
Ayabuki: (Laughs)

Mizu: While we were still in rehearsals, Yumiko (Ayabuki) was always staying in the practice room by herself to practice the moon walk (a dance where, even though you are technically walking backwards it appears that you are walking forward) for the “Old Audiences, New Audiences” scene, right?
Ayabuki: Yes. When you do the moon walk you use muscles that you would not otherwise use. The more I practiced it the more I could tell that those muscles were being built-up…
Mizu, Otozuki, Ouki: Eeeeeh! {4}
Ayabuki: Even now I study day after day. Actually, immediately after we opened the first performance I received a letter that said: “Please try a little harder with the moon walk” (Laughs).
Everyone: (Laughs)
Ayabuki: To be fair, since this is a scene where I have to act cool, dance, and sing, I’m doing my best to do it smoothly (Laughs).

Otozuki: Recently in the park scene, George used Filante’s scarf to pretend to choke him, right?
Mizu: Yes. (Laughs)
Otozuki: I don’t think that Teru saw that but, in that same performance in the scene where Filante is returning from the picnic Alceste also pretended to choke Filante! Though Alceste did with his hands didn’t he. (Laughs)
Mizu: Really?!
Ouki: Yes. (Laughs)
Otozuki: What a coincidence! (Laughs)
Ouki: Somehow I just really came to want to choke you, you know? (Laughs)
Mizu: I wasn’t really thinking “I’m going to choke [Filante {5}] today”. How can I explain this? I think it was that I got the feeling that Kimu (Otozuki)’s scarf was saying to me “Please tighten me!”. (Laughs)
Everyone: (Laughs)

Mizu: In this performance there are really a lot of scenes where we can adlib. Besides, since George, Filante and Alceste are what I’d call ‘soft’ roles, if something happens, the three of us can deal with it in a relatively natural manner. As for Argan, he’s a character that has a hard time bringing the laughs along with him, which it seems makes it difficult but... (Laughs)
Ayabuki: It really is. One time during the last song I made a mistake and sang the words for the second phrase during the first phrase…At that point it would have been best to just sing the second phrase, but instead I returned to the first phrase right in the middle of the song, and because of that there were extra syllables at the end of the verse (Laughs). I guess that it was what you’d call a chanson style{6} (Laughs).
Otozuki: Kinda like melodic talking? (Laughs)
Ayabuki: Yeah, like that (Laughs)
Otozuki: Speaking of which, today, in the end when Argan said “Alright. I’ll try to celebrate and sing for this marriage, if that’s what will make Marquise happy” , weren’t there any applause?
Ouki: There were!
Ayabuki: The applause kind of said “Well said!”? (Laughs). I think that it was probably a male audience member, but I got the feeling that I was receiving applause saying “Way to go!” (Laughs). I think that for that person Argan’s emotions hit especially hard (Laughs).
Everyone: (Laughs)

Mizu: Have any of you caught the bouquet that Marquise throws at the end?
Ayabuki, Otozuki, Ouki: I have!
Ayabuki: Actually, Argan does not want to catch the bouquet of the person he’s in love with but…
Mizu, Otozuki, Ouki: (Laugh)
Ouki: Alceste already has Celimene (Ootsuki), so the day that I accidentally caught it I gave it to Filante. (Laughs)
Otozuki: Thank you (Laughs). George, Filante and Alceste are supposed to be best friends, but Filante doesn’t notice that George is in love with Marquise and Alceste is in love with Celimene. Sometimes I think ‘Are they really best friends?!’ (Laughs).
Ayabuki: The three of them probably just don’t talk about love (Laughs).
Ouki: Surely that’s it (Laughs).
Mizu: I wonder…They talk about it but Filante just…
Otozuki: Doesn’t listen?!
Mizu: Yeah, in one ear and out the other.
Everyone: (Laughs)

Mizu: In the ‘Joe’s Heart Dance’ scene, because Kimu dances as Yumiko’s reflection she even carefully parts her hair on the opposite side, right?
Otozuki: Yes. I also place my microphone on the opposite side from Yumiko-san {7}.
Ayabuki: Eeeeh!!
Otozuki: Now, my own personal secret excitement has been that when Yumiko-san cries out ‘fuuu!!’ I make my own mouth into a ‘fuuu!! {8}’ shape (Laughs). Once in awhile I think that she’s going to say ‘fuuu!!’ but she says ‘waaa!!’ instead, so I have to hastily change the shape of my mouth (Laughs)
Mizu, Ayabuki, Ouki: (Laugh)
Ayabuki: Sorry, sorry
Otozuki: Don’t worry about it, it’s just to amuse myself (Laughs)
Mizu: In that scene, it seems that there are people who think that it’s actually a mirror, so when Kimu and the other mirror dancers jump out of their frames, some audience members become very surprised, you know.
Ouki: Amazing~!
Mizu: Around that point the dance is really together, isn’t it.
Ayabuki, Otozuki: Happy to hear that (Laugh)
Ayabuki: Close to the end of the ‘Heart Dance’ Chika-san (Mizu) is on standby in the orchestra pit wearing the Medusa costume, right?
Mizu: That’s right. I’m watching you all from the orchestra box.
Ayabuki: Medusa is already cool from the time you’re in the orchestra box.
Ouki: Those sunglasses really do suit you.
Otozuki: Really beautiful.
Mizu: (Laughs). I watched the ‘Heart Dance’ scene with excitement while on standby in the orchestra box today as well. (Laughs)
Ayabuki: Thank you very much (Laughs). You often call out things like ‘hyuu!’ and ‘fuu!’ from the orchestra box for us don’t you? (Laughs) In your Medusa costume (Laughs).
Everyone: (Laughs)
Otozuki: The other day I happened to see the conductor, and he was smiling a little (Laughs).
Everyone: (Laughs)

Mizu: Cinderella (Ouki) says something really terrible to Snow White (Ayana) doesn’t she (Laughs)? I like that part (Laughs).
Ouki: ♫It would be better if you just took a bite of apple and fell fast asleep♪ (Laughs)
Mizu: That part! When I first heard that I was surprised (Laughs).
Ouki: The people who came to watch it unfortunately said ‘That Cinderella is cruel’(Laughs).
Otozuki: But you’re really cute (Laughs)
Ayabuki: Yeah, cute. A little big though (Laughs)
Ouki: A little? (Laughs) Not ‘quite’? (Laughs)
Everyone: (Laughs)
Ouki: To make that dress fit my height they had to add as many as 20 centimetres to the skirt (Laughs).
Mizu, Ayabuki, Otozuki: 20 centimetres!! (Laugh)

Ayabuki: While on standby for the final number, I’ve unfortunately gotten which step to stand on wrong….
Mizu: Ah! That’s right! Just before the lights came up I heard Kimu say in an undertone ‘The step number!’ ‘A little further up!’, so at first I thought that Yumiko had made a mistake. However, Yumiko didn’t move at all did she?
Ayabuki: No. I was there on standby fairly early, so I was convinced that I couldn’t have been the one who was wrong (Laughs).
Mizu: Since Yumiko didn’t move at all, I decided that Kimu herself had actually made the mistake. But just before the lights came up I noticed that it was Yumiko who was wrong (Laughs).
Ayabuki: That’s the time! Chika-san with a pop said ‘Ah, it’s Yumiko’ (Laughs).
Otozuki: For that, the timing was good and the way of saying it was good (Laughs)
Ouki: It was really funny (Laughs), that moment (Laughs).
Otozuki: Right after you said ‘Ah, it’s Yumiko’, you started ‘Time to Love’ with ♫Now~♪ (Laughs).
Mizu: I said something like that?
Ayabuki, Otozuki, Ouki: You said it! (Laugh)

{1}For many of the promotional clips for ‘I Love You-Je t’aime’ Mizu Natsuki is filmed staring into the camera lens saying ‘I love you’ after the name of the show.
{2}Apparently a sort of French boiled dish with vegetables and meat, the broth of which is used in soups. (Thank you wikipedia.org)
{3}The ‘Hanamichi’ are two long walkways along either side of the theatre reaching from the stage into a set of wings.
{4}This is a noise of surprise and/or dismay often used in Japanese, but since it is not a real word I found it hard to translate.
{5}The original Japanese sentence doesn’t have an object, but I inserted it based on context.
{6} A chanson refers to a song, usually written in the Middle Ages, with French lyrics. I can only assume that they have a looser connection between the rhythms in the melody and the placement of the words, based on the context here. (Thank you dictionary.com)
{7}Alright, so most of you already probably know this but the suffix –san is more formal than just calling someone by their first name, but less formal than the English ‘Ms’ implies so, again, I just left it as-is.
{8}This is just me attempting to replicate in writing the chirps and yells that they often use while dancing in Takarazuka. It sounds weird just to say it like that but…
{9}Another note, on no piece in particular, but rather about how they speak as a whole. I Japanese the way one speaks is heavily influenced by the speaker’s level with relation to the person whom they are addressing. This is hard to reflect in English. In general, Mizu Natsuki speaks rather informally to the others, as the most senior of the group, while Ayabuki Mao speaks most formally to Mizu and less so to Otozuki Kei and Ouki Kaname. Otozuki Kei appears to speak relatively informally to the others, though she can be more formal with Mizu at times. Ouki Kaname is fairly formal with everyone as the most junior member of the group. Whenever any of them refer to the actions of audience members they speak in an extremely respectful manner.
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